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How Divorce Takes Place.
When things fail to work between the two parties in the marriage, they can conclude a divorce. Separation is the first step towards the divorce process. The two parties must first of all live separately before any divorce claims are made. A couple can file for divorce because of unfaithfulness, violence, or drug misuse. After the petition is accepted and the claims investigated upon the couple is now declared legally separated. Being separated does not warrant the parties involved to marry other people. One if the parties can choose to want to keep the children and file for custody and support. After the completion of the divorce an interested party can now choose to marry again. After a year of separation, the couple is now allowed to file for complete divorce.

one can seek the services of an attorney to represent them during the divorce process. Before filing for divorce the involved parties must have lived separately for a year. Either two of the parties involved or the two of them need to agree that they no longer want to be married to each other. The couple must live In separate houses and not the same house but different rooms. If the individuals get back together and separate again the separation period begins all over again. When the two become intimate the separation does not have to start all over again if they did not get back together..

Before filing for the Divorce both parties must be living in the same country. The parties involved write a complaint where the reason for the divorce is stated. If one wants to have their surname back this must be included in the complaint. Details included in the petition include the couple’s children, their countries, and any support required. After the whole process, the couples seek a court summons for a hearing. The court gives the parties involved one month to respond to the hearing petition The hearing takes place at the first in front of the judge. Both parties are allowed to testify about the claims made. A lawyer can be hired by one of the parties to represent them in court if they cannot make an appearance The ruling of the divorce is given by the judge. Each state handles the divorce proceedings differently.
The issues that are presented in court oft vary from child custody and support to sharing of property. The two individuals, should settle these issues outside the court, but if they cant the court decides for them.

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